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School’s out

I’ve just learned in a letter from The State Pension Forecasting Team that I am entitled to a full state pension, plus additional benefit, on retirement, hurrah! I have done my thirty years’ bird, plus three, and need no longer work or pay National Insurance stamps ever again. I claim my pension on 3 October, 2014. School is out, for ever!

Just as well, as I was made redundant last month, for the fifth time in 20 years.

So that’s a tick for the false teeth (no, they don’t clack and hiss, or sit stewing in a glass overnight, they’re permanent, haha!), a tick for the sports car, a tick for the grizzled old man beard, a tick for the mortgage-free house (where I am sitting staring out of the window), a tick for the Oxfam sweater and a tick for the Railcard… Now for my bus pass and a job as a lollipop man.



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