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In the Beginning was the Log-on

Ye Gods! Yet another online service for my ‘convenience’, demanding registration: the invention and tiresome repetition of more instantly forgettable passwords and security questions, from EDF Energy this time, of whom I am already a signed-up, paying customer, demanding information they already have on file otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to email me in the first place.

Why are my date of birth and postcode of such all-consuming interest when I have just given them the 14-character customer number they sent me, that ought to cross-reference the data I have already given them but seems to be entirely devoid of content, other than to let me know how far down the pecking-order I come? Why is a security protocol needed, to obtain a meter reading? Who in their right mind is going to assume someone else’s identity just so they can pay a bill, for fuck’s sake?

Only this time, the database spits out my ‘not valid’ password suggestion, several times, then refuses to tell me why, or what format it actually does think is valid. So I can’t send them the information they asked me for. This technology is SO useful…

I am like totally fed up with having to register and log-in and jump through fiery hoops with every damned e-base I visit, where security is absolutely not an issue; just, it seems, to pander to some self-important corporate ego, or because they bought an internet solution off the shelf. It wastes hours of my time and yours, especially when the technology refuses to function.

I especially love the job applications where you get to complete maybe five or six pages of detailed free text, only to have your last data field entry rejected as ‘not valid’ and you have to start again because the form has now been wiped clean. Surely, a Hadean torment fit for Greek mythology?

Ultimately, you give up, frustrating everyone’s intentions. It’s quicker to walk. Indeed, I am only posting on my own blog this morning through sheer good luck and persistence, since it has apparently forgotten who I am. I am the Master!

PS: In fairness, EDF have emailed me, pointing out that if I had clicked on the little ‘i’ button, it would have told me the password had to have both upper and lowercase letters. They didn’t explain, however, why every other data entry form on the planet will reject your password if it has upper-case letters in it?

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