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No-one is innocent

So, in the face of so much popular criticism and dissent, the Government has finally enacted its coup d’etat, its declaration of revenge on the electorate: a bill enabling the continuous monitoring by security agents of all electronic communications.

You are now no longer to have any right to privacy, to express your own private thoughts as you communicate them to anyone else. Every thought you express, every past, present or future action you describe outside the confines of your own brain, is to become State property.

How long will it be before people start to disappear, anguished mothers collect around noticeboards and the flayed bodies of students turn up on rubbish tips minus their tongues, eyes and genitals? How long before the cowed survivors of repression are enjoined to Love Big Brother?

Oh, but “you have nothing to fear if you are innocent”.

Innocent of what? Of crimes yet to be decided by those empowered to make arbitrary laws? Do you imagine Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao Zedong’s China, were not at one time in their genocidal histories pluralist societies just like ours, threatened by invisible ‘enemies’ and sorely in need of the ‘protection’ of a powerful elite?

No-one is innocent, you fool. Totalitarianism banishes all forms of innocence to the Gulag, even yours. Mine? I seem to have just lost it.


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