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Racists: a view (look away now)

I wish to express my hatred and loathing of racist bullies, who crawl out of their fetid bunkers in their hundreds to post their verminous views whenever a news thread concerns foreigners, Muslims or Jews, women, the black and asian communities – anyone, in short, whom they can imagine to be lower than themselves, which would indeed be saying something.

I am reminded that pond scum, floating on the surface, does at least know the light of day; it is the primordial slime that collects over aeons at the bottom of the deepest lake, the liquefacted corpses of the long-drowned, the faecal detritus of civilizations come and gone, that is the birthplace, the mother and father of these insentient, scarcely human creatures and their repugnant misanthropy. Oh, but look, now I am doing it too. Oh dear. Sorry.


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