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Keeping the economy in shape

Well, thank me, today I spent a shedload of money to keep the economy going. I bought a car, a red Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 litre JTDm 16v, preloved of course. It’s being delivered Thursday. Then I bought a new rucksack, just in case I need to walk anywhere ever again – God, it’s been great without a car for three weeks.

Then, I have just been online again to buy a laptop, to replace the one I had that died last week, carrying with it into the sunset my half-finished novel, my almost-finished autobiography — my bookmarks, and the PDFs of over 600 songs, words and music, many of which I had yet to sing.

My phone contract was due for renewal last week, so I got a new HTC phone too. I feel like I’m starting a new life, now my ex-wife has sold the house. There’s only one problem: I don’t understand the new technology. I’ve posted a new Page to ‘1,000 Words or Less’ about this, it’s called Technology: an Old Bastard Moans.

Enjoy it while you can.

PS – added later

Can you Adam and Eve it? Tuesday, I put ten grand in my account. Wednesday, Lloyds’s Fraud Prevention Team has blocked my card so I can’t buy my laptop… it takes me from 08.45 to 15.15 to get the account unblocked. Turns out some Mormon at the bank has managed to input my ex-wife’s date of birth on my file, so I keep failing the stupid ‘security’ checks. I have been a customer for 37 years but with my wife’s d.o.b. on my file I have ceased to exist. No-one can work out how it could possibly have happened. That might as well become the epitaph for our civilisation.


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