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Investment Tip: Buy Trellis

Jazz Alert

Just to mention: having yesterday received by fourth post the magisterial Universal 13-CD boxed set of every master recording of sessions involving Charlie Parker from 1941 to 1953, with 65-page information booklet (half in French, which is even better); and having today received the 4-CD ‘Intuition’ set of sessions with the blind and almost forgotten pianist Lennie Tristano, father of ‘free jazz’, with 40-page information booklet, while waiting for the Betty Carter/Carmen McCrae duets to arrive, that I ordered last week, I think I have come to the end of my jazz CD purchasing activity for the year and shall henceforth devote any discretionary capital to my town garden. (Investment advice: buy shares in trellis*)

(*May go up as well as down)

A complete list of jazz CD purchases over the past six months is available elsewhere on this blog. Purists may sneer, but it is a long and quite expensive one and comprises much familiar and unfamiliar work by many of the major figures, as well as a few ghastly mistakes.


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