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Traenin coares buttlein #3ish

Weeeek 3 of rancher tearing curse (CErtOL Anglish Linguoge for Spikers of Other or Sekund Lingages) end tonit, only two 2) gore werks left to mo! My am foing dine! Nealy killed man in cur lars nit, in Mirrosons caw perk ware I go for fud for Dogg but ok, he safe now. Note: tri not ii) start cur in gere nex term. Note 4):

Were was I? o yes

Problum: now i has three (3) carybogs full to bursten of paper thing — nodes to parry around wit my eyeware now. Start nodebuk (2) two thus mownin, got lods mo noads to reach thru whenevere I has, have or had got enough tide. (Prefect Continual Tensing! I lern somehin!) Only problum, cant reap wat nodes say. Brian had stop wurkin bi Fursday, ok, couldnt find todlets, weigh out of bilding, cur perk, cor, whatevre.And exams end of nest wee! Loofin forward to it.  This havin gud funnnnn£ for the summer!! Exep get bad revue from twtor yesterday or was it day be4) ?mage me fil v. bag.

Got go now, teechin new crass of stundents sometin. Wha? Day is today? OhmigodI;m


(Mr Bogl’s Week Three: ‘Observed class on observing a class under observation’ personal data log finishes here. Excess wordage. Fail! Signed: Emilia Bentley-Sponge, MA (Ed), Tutor-at-large)


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