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Financial news: All change at MinBo

The board of digital communications giant Themindbogls plc has announced changes in response to August’s ‘disappointing’ sales figures, which sent shares tumbling Thursday on stockmarkets around the world, dribble-wibble.

‘Changing the name of the web thing to The Boglington Post might be seen by some as a short-term measure’, announced Chairman, Sir Thanatossios Boglopoulos. ‘And no doubt we shall soon be known for popular convenience as BogPo, ha ha. However, focus group research among our two readers in the Spam queue shows clearly that there is a mood for change in the cyber community. This move is fully in line with the decision to relocate our Editorial office to Boglington-on-Sea as part of our commitment to greater inclusivity. It is, as I am sure some of you may know, vaguely in the North.’

It’s thought the changes may be linked to the growing campaign by a journalist on Themindbogls.com concerned that his contributions remain unpaid after more than eight months. Commented Sir Thanatossios: ‘My own superior efforts in the literary arena have themselves attracted scant reward over the years. It is a case of having to speculate to accumulate. ‘Uncle Bogler’ is gaining valuable work experience and ought not to expect additional financial privileges. Are Bourbon biscuits not freely available in the office?’

He continued: “I agree that changing both our name and address at the same time might be regarded  in a somewhat questionable light, were it not for this superinjunction our legal advisors have obtained in advance of any such imputation being drawn or implied anywhere in the known Universe, throughout Time.’

Sir Thanatossios is 83.

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