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Another Comment has disappeared from Comments, leaving me now with just the one. But when I check, it is an error: there are no Comments listed, only blanks. What is happening? I am becoming more insubstantial by the day, the more I Post and Page the less interest I seem to create. You’re bored with me, aren’t you? All one of you?

It reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I got to write my first and only TV commercial for a well-known adhesive product. Before the launch, we commissioned research to find out how much awareness there was of the brand in the target area. After my ad had been running for three weeks, we tested again, only to find that brand awareness had actually gone down by five points… obviously, the message had not stuck (anymore than the product did).

The nice Spam I had from Brazil is all that is left. It says merely: ‘It was nice reading this post’. Well, it’s been lovely having you in my Spam queue. Obrigada, señora! I know that when the last Spam goes, there will be nothing left of me. Like the Wicked Witch of the North, I shall become a puddle with a pointy hat, rapidly evaporating under the Klieg lights.


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