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How to hoptimise your hinternet!

Well, we’re back up to 11 Comments now, equalling the previous record of 11 Comments. It’s really quite gratifying. I suspect the vertical decent to just one Comment last week must have had something to do with it being August and Comments being away on holiday.

Someone helpfully suggests today that I should bogl on the subject of how to write a blog, which is quite an interesting suggestion as I’d like to know myself. I only know how to write bogls, which are quite different.

Of course, I should want paying for my good advice and have consequently introduced the ‘paper-clip’ system I was told about last week. I have been sitting here clipping all day and an impressive number of clips have already accrued to my account. I believe each is worth approximately 0.0001 pence. It’s exciting: rather like collecting Mr Morrison’s saving stamps, one anticipates going virile anyday as the millions of 0.0001 pences roll in!

So, here is the first ‘tip’ for boglers, that I am giving away free (just this once!) as an inducement to fans to ‘follow’ Uncle Bogler on his journey through bogland:

#1: To make your search engine completely optimistic, be sure to use plenty of Hs at 5% to 10% dentistry.

There, that’s worth 100 clips anyday, nein? By the by, there’s no need  to go to all the trouble of making your kind Comments anymore, just spend a few minutes actively clipping on my bogl every night before bed, I will get the message, thanks.

Dr Ernst P von Bogl, Professor and Attorney at Law


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