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So I’m an anti-Semite. It’s just a compound noun.

Why, when I hear the ambassador, a paid apologist, defending the announcement by his masters’ genocidal apartheid regime in Tel Aviv that the latest modest move in the UN towards Palestinian self-determination will be met with the blatant theft at gunpoint of yet more Palestinian homeland through the forced construction of thousands more ugly apartments for ugly, militant Zionist religionists in East Jerusalem, in arrogant defiance of decades of UN resolutions, do I find myself screaming obscenities at my radio?

They won’t be moved by force, won’t be persuaded by legal means either. Just what do these Israeli usurpers want? A peaceful settlement, co-existence, or the destruction of a displaced population, disregarded and dehumanised as terrorist üntermenschen, herded like cattle into unsustainable ghettos, controlled, walled-in and visited with fire and sword when their young men naturally resist? Does no-one see that this is such an obvious historical echo as to constitute learned behaviour? How dare this obstinate, hypocritical, history-denying, little diplomatic shit diminish me, diminish us all, in this awful way?

Because God promised them the land. Is God an estate agent?


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