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Extraordinary hypocrisy corner:

The European Court has published four decisions in cases relating to appeals against UK Supreme Court rulings over defendants’ right to allow their religious beliefs to override anti-discrimination laws and company dress codes.

Three decisions went against the appellants. In the fourth, relating to the wearing of the cross as jewellery (over which British Airways has already backed down and amended their uniform code), the appellant won.

Had this been a case about, oh, prisoners’ voting rights, the right-wing press in Britain would have thundered and railed against the monstrous interference with our sacred judicial process by slippery, garlic-chewing foreigners in Strasbourg.

As it is, they have written only of their disappointment at the European Court’s failure to safeguard religious freedoms against the disgracefully liberal British courts – for which, read the freedom of Christians, specifically, to parade their noxious brand of social exclusion.

We look forward to the Telegraph, the Times, the Soaraway Sun and the D*** M*** publishing further editorials expressing high hopes for the European Court in the months and years to come.

Our Religion Correspondent, the Very Rev Pious von Bogl is on a working holiday until 28 January.

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