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Don’t read on…

“Could be worse cause on Titanus 3 in the alpha quadrant it has been raining for the last 2000 years and that planet it has 350mph winds its the people who live there that I feel sorry for glad I dont live there and only have to visit now and then to pick up merchandise.”

The above is a not atypical Comment on a Yahoo! thread, following a report of deaths during severe flooding in Queensland, Australia. Very helpful. Another Commenter responds to a horrible story about twenty Mexican musicians and their road crew being massacred by drug gangsters after a concert with the merry quip: “A Mexican and a Jew fall off the Empire State Building. Which hits the ground first? Who cares?” (Spelling and grammar heavily amended). The Comment had not been moderated, racist abuse seldom is on Yahoo! Yet a third embellished the detail that the bodies of eight of the musicians had been found tossed into a well, with the line: “All’s well that ends well”.

This is precisely why I made a New Year’s resolution, which (with one exception, when I needed to pay tribute to the late Dave Brubeck’s stand on Southern racism) never to post Comment on this site again. What a bunch of thick, fucking idiots and, frankly, scumsucking plankton lurk in this loathsome cesspit of prejudice and ignorance. How does the human race manage to throw up these microcephalic morons in such weird profusion? How do they survive with zero empathy?

Still, it’s probably a good thing that they’ve got somewhere safe to vomit up their slimy furballs of hate. I certainly wouldn’t want one in my living-room. Murder might ensue.


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