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Return of the whizzer

Just to mention, but my whizzer is back!

It’s in black-and-white, but, nevertheless, it is distinctly there!

It’s the one next to the blue Publish button over there………………..> that whizzes round and round while Deep Word is thinking about my Posts.

It disappeared without apology or explanation about three weeks ago. (Perhaps taken in for questioning?) And now it’s come back. Meanwhile, my computer (which is barely a year old) has shown worrying signs that it is dying.*

Is there a connection, like swans or something?

Ah, no, it’s gone again.

* Aha. I have found that if you take the battery out and spend five minutes wondering how it goes back in again, Windows 7 Pro seems to stabilize. Or it may be that you just need to shut the program down from time to time. Anyway, I think we’re back in business.

Or not. Down it tumbles, again. But it is pissing down outside, I have nothing better to do except live my life in System 32 error mode.


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