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The Boglington Post: an apology

Some loyal Followers and happy Spammers of this famous bogl have not yet asked about the striking image that is now part of the masthead at the top of each and every page of the Boglington Post.

It is, of course the well-known portrait of your Uncle Bogler, in a contemplative frame of mind.

We succeeded at last in finding a way of putting a picture of him in the heading. But, lacking an IT manager, we have not yet also managed to find a way of adding any additional information, such as a caption; or of formatting it all nicely so that the headline is centred beneath the picture, and suchlike.

Which is why the copyright in the photograph remains unattributed; a poor example of journalistic practice, for which we apologise, but nevertheless an unavoidable consequence for many subeditors of the bewildering technological advances often characterised as The Information Age, which we prefer to call The Smarts.

Just to make it clear, then, the photographer was Mr Sandy Scott; who, when he is not giving one of his own notable performances, scoops a living by making pictures of other people’s.

Watch the birdie!

– ‘Blind Captain Cat’


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