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Shameless plug for some items of possible interest

Well, here we are, safely in 2014, or wherever.

Lots of people, I know, are having a worse time. 100 million Americans are snowed-in as I write, while possibly hundreds of Brits in the south and west of the country are flooded-out for the second time in a month. A mile down the road, the seafront has been battered by storms, people have been evacuated. Here, the sun is shining. And who knows, you could be in Darfur or Damascus or some other Godforsaken shithole, freezing, starving, homeless, being shot at by bloodlusty fanatics drunk on the little power a Kalashnikov confers on the worthless. I have no right to complain about my life.

But I’ve personally got to the stage now where I’m willing to try anything to break the tedious, depressing deadlock that 2013 turned out to be for me. It’s as if some invisible hand has been preventing me from moving on, both in work and in my life. I am grateful for health and strength but remain solus – apart from Hunzi and Cat, obviously. I have too little work to support myself, or to provide interest, little social life, and my savings are almost gone.

So you’ll forgive me, I hope, if this once I bend my bogl to the task? Thank you, I have nothing to lose by trying. Here are three items I’ve been hoping to sell all last year, that refuse to budge, as part of my declared strategy of retiring abroad. Feel free to buy if you like.

Okay, you may want to live here. I did, for family reasons now no longer applicable, so why not you? More photos are available in the Set labelled ‘House’: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9343508@N04/sets.

I’m looking for around Stg £152.5k to move out of my end-terrace cottage in the outskirts of Aberystwyth, on the Cardigan Bay coast of Wales, 1.5 miles inland from the famous promenade, town centre and railway station. Minutes too from the university, schools, government offices, shops, pubs and the Arts centre, it’s ideal for a professional couple – for retirement, or as a holiday base for exploring the unspoiled hinterland, castles and varied coastline of Mid Wales. Or buy it for your student son, like I did. With prices set to rise another 8% in 2014, it’s an investment (can go down as well as up).

It has two bedrooms (one double, one single) and a modern bath/shower room; cozy living room; fitted-out kitchen/diner; secure, all-year garden room (my home cinema and guitar studio); front and rear hard-landscaped gardens with private sundeck – and lots of storage cupboards. Gas central heating, wifi, double-glazed and decorated, but with scope for remodeling; sold furnished if required (including piano!), ready to move in. Rental income of Stg £600 a month is achievable in an area popular with students and academics. There’s no onward chain, and if it helps I can defer some of the purchase price, interest-free for up to two years.

epiphone 022333

And so to the two guitars… left is my pretty Ibanez AF-125. It’s a full hollow-body archtop in Amber Burst maple, two separately controllable pickups, and it’s hardly ever been played, let alone gigged, so it’s completely unmarked and as-new, in its original case. The lowest-priced one I can find new on the web is £190 more than the £545 I want for mine, but I have to declutter and it’s just surplus to requirements. For a full technical rundown, I recommend the Ibanez website, and more photos on the ‘Ibanez AF-125’ set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/9343508@N04/sets.

Right, is my American vintage Gibson-made slimline archtop Epiphone E452T Sorrento, from 1962. It’s been played, a lot I should think, but it’s in stunning condition for its age. The front is unmarked, there’s no sign of repairs or restoration anywhere – just a couple of tiny ‘dinks’ in the varnish on the back, and some expected light wear around the neck. There’s one little bit of damage, a barely visible hairline crack running about 1/2 inch either side of the jack socket, that suggests it may have been dropped at some time. It’s still perfectly playable, with a superb, silky action, and comes in a custom hard-case.

I’m asking Stg £895 to reflect the small amount of damage. There are very few available in the UK at this time: the nearest similar E452T I can find is £999 on a site called Justgreatguitars.com, a 1966 model with parts missing. Or you could pay around £2k for the near-identical, 1964 Gibson ES125TC! What’s in a name? You can inspect it all closely in 34 photos on my ‘1962 Epiphone’ set, http://www.flickr.com/photos/9343508@N04/sets.

Either of the guitars can be packaged and posted by insured courier, next-day delivery, for an extra £25, within the UK. Otherwise, we can discuss a way of getting it to you. And you can pay by secure PayPal transfer, who will refund you if I try to rip you off, which I wouldn’t, because you know where I live, right? And besides, you Follow my Posts, so you’ve seen inside my bumpy old head.

That’s scary.

Anyway, Happy New Year (Blwyddyn newydd dda, in Welsh) to you and yours. Stay with the program!


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