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Prophylaxis 2 – The Report

You know, this prophylaxis business gets more interesting by the day.

It’s been raining continually (notice: I did not write ‘continuously’, which would be poor word choice) here since the beginning of October. It has been preternaturally (because I like the word: ‘sempiternally’ is a good word too) warm all winter so far, but, oh God has it been wet.

Wet, wet, wet.

And, when it wasn’t raining, or maybe when it was, the Irish sea has been slopping around like tea in a wobbly cup, sloshing over the town in waves and demolishing the promenade. Because it’s also been seriously blowy.

So it’s only taken three and a half months of the equivalent of a month’s rain falling in every 24 hours for me to get round to putting my foot down, soggily, so to speak, and ordering my impossibly frugal self to go and buy a bloody raincoat, preferably one of the kind that doesn’t absorb water.

Because, dear Followers, I have been falling somewhat short in the wardrobe department of late. To ward off the rain, I had only a waxed country-type coat with no wax on; another jacket in brushed cotton whose seams have been coming unstitched since the day I first wore it out of the shop, and a smart black leather jacket you don’t want to take out in the rain.

I was getting soaked and tired of having to put my wet jackets in the tumble-dryer whenever I got home and listen to the zip fasteners clattering round and round noisily for an hour and a half.

So, to avoid further descriptive flimflam, I popped in to Cheap Charlie’s store in town yesterday evening after work (yes, I have work. But only until the end of next week) and bought an absolutely guaranteed waterproof nylon coat and wore it out for the first time to walk the dog on my half-day off today, and you know what?

Right, the sun’s been shining all morning.

Do y0u sometimes think that all this might be just a dream, that you’re making it up as you go along?

I know I do.


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