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Help, I think I’ve broken Yahoo!

Solipsism (from Latin solus, meaning “alone”, and ipse, meaning “self”) is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist.


I love it, don’t you, when you perform some perfectly innocent, everyday action, and in the very same instant something somewhere else goes terribly wrong, and for just a moment you wish it was your fault?

It happened just now.

Grazing idly on the news fodder on the Yahoo! features pages, I clicked on the headline to some story I really wasn’t very interested in, only it’s Wednesday.

And instead of finding out:

  • what the cute little puppy did next, or
  • what the worst football goal was, ever, or
  • which bit of Beyoncé’s Bum has gone viral today, or
  • where Flight MH370 is now, or
  • what an investment manager thinks the housing market is going to do next, or
  • whose inadvertent nipple-slip has started World War 3? or
  • where did the ghost car come from? or
  • how many mysterious holes have opened up on which golf courses, or
  • how many publicity miles have been clocked up overnight by the proliferating swarm of hyperinflated egobots called Kardashian, or
  • which £10m house for sale has the most tasteless decor, or
  • who are the Ten Most Scary Women in the World?, or
  • which star you have never, ever heard of (and never will again) says she wants a bad boy to go to bed with? or
  • why the Florida police won’t let us see the mugshots of Justin Bieber’s penis, or
  • what the other cute little puppy did next,

… as I hit the link the screen immediately went blank and a reassuringly old-fashioned card flashed up (‘We interrupt this bulletin…’) telling me that something had gone a bit awry over at Yahoo! Central, but their horrifically maimed team of brave software engineers were nevertheless struggling manfully against appalling odds through smoke and shot to control the situation….

I felt like the guy at Chernobyl who just thought he would see what would happen if you press this…

I think I’ve broken Yahoo!





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