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Getting one’s ducks in a row

Becoming financially independent will help you sleep easier at night. It could also allow you to relocate to a place you’ve always loved. Put a luxury item on your wish list.

– Yahoo! Horoscope

Damned useless vertical blinds, leaking everywhere. Since they put two of those new white daylight lights in the street outside, I’ve not been sleeping easy at night. The brightly illuminated road sign too just adds to the sense that it isn’t really half-past eleven at all, or if it is I’ve missed breakfast.

Yes, becoming financially independent will enable me to afford curtains! I’d love to relocate to sleep, the land of dreams. Curtains will be my luxury item, I wish.

But look on the positive side. Maybe I am about to become financially independent! So I can buy a place in wildest romantic Portugal and relocate without having to sell my house first! And look at my Bookmarks… see, how many very expensive luxury guitars I’ve got lined up, like ducks in a row! Which one shall I ‘pick’ first?

At last, I feel there is someone Up There who truly understands me.


Financial independence arrives, in the form of an incomprehensible document challenging me not to apply for the State pension in good time for my 65th birthday. Who dreams up all this dreary and confusing nonsense? Why can’t they just guarantee everyone over 21 the same basic minimum personal income for life? Why do they need to ask who my employers have been during the past two years, and what my ex-wife’s social security number is, when they already have this information?


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