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A new dawn

Fame and acclaim can be yours. People are impressed by your ability to create beauty and style wherever you go. Don’t be surprised if someone asks to write a profile on you for a blog or magazine. Of course, you’ll want to look your best for a photograph. This would be a great time to buy a new outfit or update your image. Have you been contemplating a career change? Start looking for jobs that appeal to your artistic side.

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Looking my best for the photographers

And why not? As I mince through life’s highway, beauty and style just flow from me. Magazine bloggers puff and pant in my wake, profile-pens at the ready, but they are hard-pressed to keep up as I speed on wings of fame towards my new career, buying outfits in the latest, most updated artistic image. I am a stranger to surprise, frankly, for my every waking moment brings new acclaim, fresh jobs, impressed people, photographs; art, and yet more stylish art-fame. Life is sweet. Life is good. Life is art.

Penurious old age sucks, don’t it? Compared with what is yet to be?


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