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All the comforts of home

You will need a computer, telephone line and broadband connection before you can begin our online admissions process…

An online services company, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc, has posted an ad on Tip Top Job, looking for home-based people to do something-or-other for their important portfolio, that now includes Sky and BT. Apparently, I can service from the comfort of my own home, gaining access to the hours of my choice from my choice of their clients.

It’s clearly a choice position these days, servicing. And in comfort, too.

Despite my having listed Tip Top Job as Spam, not because they are evil but just because my initial subscription to their information bulletin has proved annoyingly pointless, the message cleverly arises in my inbox this morning.

Of course, as I don’t have a computer, a telephone line or a broadband connection, I didn’t get the message. Or the Tip Top Job, sadly.


It’s a virtual problem, choosing. I think I’ll stick to comfort.


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