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Dear reader, show yourself

I have detected an unusual pattern of usage. Someone is reading this, muh bogl!

According to Kissmekwik, the WordPress spammeister, over the past two weeks there have been a number of curious nocturnal incursions into the secretive world of The Boglington Post offices, here in Boglington-on-Sea. Someone has left their dabs all over this one, guv. Broken glass, bloody footprints, saliva samples – the lot.

We have not ruled out a political motive behind what the world’s press are already calling ‘Boglgate’.

Apart from the usual flock of Followers craning their necks to read hoary old Pages like How to Live in a Stately Home (answer: get a job in one) and Whatever You Do is Fine With Me (a metaphysical speculation on predestination – see, I could have been a rapper, if I knew what one was), these my latest homepage Posts have each attracted one viewing every day this past week.

Until the last few days, no-one at all has bothered reading my Posts, of which there are now over 350, all quite good. It is as if I don’t exist in the world (a subject you will find covered in various Posts, passim. At least, you would if you read them).

In other words, someone is stalking me, reading everything I am currently writing, but spookily saying nothing.

Reveal yourself! Step forward from the shadows, mystery Reader!

But beware, I keep a baseball bat by the bed for just such occasions.

(It has occurred to me that it might be me. I love reading my own stuff, don’t you?)


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