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Whatever it takes

Okay, look. I understand why the Gaza boyos have been lobbing rockets, pretty ineffectually, at Israeli settlers in Ashkalon for the past decade. It must be really annoying.

Pro-Israel people naturally won’t agree with me, but I really don’t care if they want to call me names. So I’m an anti-semite. So what? It’s just a word. With a hyphen, of course.

My view has nothing to do, either with race or religion. I’m not interested in the fathomless mythology of persecution and dispersion. I don’t believe in race, for which there is no genetic basis. If people want to believe an old man with a beard created the universe in his garden shed, fine. Believe anything you like. Most of the Jews I have known, I have liked (although I have been to Israel and it is as awful as everyone says it is, ugly and full of pushy people.)

I am simply looking at history, and how the land of Israel-Palestine came to be in this state.

And, frankly, there is no denying – unless you are a total historical revisionist, or in denial – that the state of Israel was founded in 1948 by the simple expedient of expelling or killing a large proportion of the people who were living in the former British mandate of Palestine in 1947 and then denying they ever existed.

What has happened since has been a spiral escalation of injustice and oppression on the one side, and burning resentment on the other. You can call it terrorism, I call it burning resentment, maybe even righteous indignation. Yes, that sounds more Biblical. Let’s agree to differ on that.

And it seems to be the case that Israel hoped the displaced Palestinians would simply be absorbed into the populations of the (pretty hostile) surrounding Arab countries; while it suited the (pretty hostile) policies of the surrounding Arab countries to say, no thanks, you need to go back to your own homes, even if you haven’t got any – or rot in refugee camps on the border, but we’re not having it, we’re going to throw this grenade back to the Israelis.

It hasn’t helped.

So anyway, three or is it four times in the past decade, despite their superefficient US-supplied Patriot antimissile system, the Israelis have got heartily sick of having rockets chucked at them. Rockets with little metaphorical notes tied to their tails, reminding Israel that the Palestinians were still there and demanding an end to race-based oppression and illegal settlements and an agreement allowing them back their dignity and self-determination.

Minded to ignore the reminders, the Israelis simply walled-up the Palestinian majority living in the Gaza strip behind a five-metres high wall of concrete slabs, and told them, there is your self-determination, there is your country, now behave yourselves. And went on building illegal settlements around Jerusalem, ignoring countless UN resolutions, destroying Palestinian businesses and farms and olive groves.

So, the Palestinians in Gaza elected an Islamist party, Hamas, which turned the tables by declaring Israel didn’t exist as a legitimate state either, and the Israelis declared it to be a terrorist organisation, so their friends in America would keep sending the arms to Tel Aviv to perpetuate Bush’s daft ‘War on Terror’.

This justifiably provoked more little rockets. So Israel imposed a blockade on goods entering and leaving Gaza, ensuring carefully (nothing Israel does is done without commendable attention to the minutiae) that the 1.8 million inhabitants of this postmodern ghetto had just not quite enough, and no more, of everything – except weapons, of course.

When that failed to stop the rockets, and the astonishing number of tunnels the industrious Gazans were digging in and out, Israel took its US-supplied heavy artillery and tanks and fighter jets, and bombed the bejasus out of the strip, burying hundreds and thousands of dead women and children under the rubble. It was just like in the Bible. They smote those Palestinians, yea, verily.

For the past month, Israel has again been at the smiting business, and two thousand more people are dead. But at last, as the world’s stomach finally churned at the Twitter images of one-sided slaughter and we began to turn away Israeli film festivals and ban Israeli carrots from the supermarket shelves and march through Berlin chanting nasty neo-Nazi slogans, and stopped up our ears to the torrent of self-justifying slime – sorry, righteous indignation – emanating from the global Israeli PR machine, a new 72-hour ‘humanitarian’ truce was arranged.

And neighbouring Egypt, with its shiny new, chest-bemedalled, US-engineered, anti-Islamist military junta in charge, offered to be the honest broker, and hold separate bilateral peace talks in Cairo, at which (naturally) neither side would give a millimetre. (Those semites are as bad as one another when it comes to Biblical intransigence and face-turning. I’m anti- them both, actually.) And, indeed, Israel withdrew its tanks, stopped its fighter jets, its drones, and waited.

And when the 72 hours came to an end, in the very first minute of extra-time, with, for the first time in the history of the conflict, the entire world pretty much on their side (except maybe for the Israelis) and the murderous Israeli military back outside the walls at last, what did the stupid cunts do, in the smouldering ruins of their city, with two thousand dead, half a million internally displaced persons, 35 thousand homes bombed-out, health service barely functioning, no water to drink and an international aid effort grinding into motion?

Yes, they started firing off rockets again.

And I just give up. I am not going to go on blogging my hatred of injustice and oppression, these brain-dead, deluded numbskulls deserve to be oppressed. Just crying out for it. The more oppressively the better, in my view.

Yes, this morning I’m putting the ‘smite’ back in ‘semite’ again. Whatever it takes.


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