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Boglopoulos to launch iBogl app?

In a statement issued Thursday (AP), reclusive billionaire media owner Stavros Boglopoulos, grandson of Boglington Post founder, the late Sir Thanatossios Boglopoulos (Obituary, Posts passim, pp. 95-128), announced the impending launch of Boglvision, a virtual torrent of streamable bit-media stuff, on a platform.

Speaking by Skypecast from his private yacht in Bogle-sur-Mer, Mr Boglopoulos was nevertheless able to confirm that, under the inspired leadership of Herr Professor Doktor Ernst von-und-zu Bogl (By Appointment- for it is he), Boglvision would carry the flag forward into the 21st Century, yadda yadda.

The long-anticipated move by the reclusive media magnate into online subscription platforming media saw shares in themindbogls.com reach a new high this morning of 34p, amid swirling rumours in international markets of a hostile counterbid emanating from Rupt Murdoch‘s US’s Foxed network.

Reports that a star-studded presentation team, led by longserving Post children’s page sub-editor, Uncle Bogler, has been lined-up to host the weekly half-hour transmissions were unconfirmed as of this bulletin. It’s expected however that the subscription-only channel will be available from September as a 2G cellphone mini-app, provisionally entitled iBogl.

– Cheerio!

(Well, we’ll look forward to that, then. Ed.)


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