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‘Oh, stuff that Gibson’ #2

(Boring guitar talk alert)

A new Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop guitar, fitted with three pickups, in Silver Burst grey, is for sale on a US dealer’s website at $4,599.

Quite expensive for a pressed plywood semi-hollow guitar whose basic design has not been updated in decades, nevertheless this price seems about normal for Custom Shop Les Pauls of most varieties. You’d pay a couple of hundred less for one with the regular two-pickup array.

Fitted with a clumsy-looking Bigsby tremolo arm, bridge and tail, and with gold-plated pickup covers, not that uncommon, however, the same model of guitar on the same dealer’s web site, in black, pre-owned, is just a buck under $35,000.

The $30 thousand difference? ‘Only’ 25 of those were made, in 2008, played briefly in the holy hands of, and then personally signed by, Jimmy Page, iconic lead guitar of the ‘greatest rock band of all time’, Led Zeppelin*. The owner has since kept it in a cupboard, never to be played again.

You may need to know, this is Number 8. If Page had ever played it in concert, maybe even knocked it about a bit, possibly even owned it himself, God knows how much you would have to pay to acquire it.

So think of it as a ‘Guaranteed low price’ bargain collectable.

And if you need the number of a good psychiatrist, don’t ask me, I only live here.


*Page’s playing on the 1869 single, Whole Lotta Love, theme tune for countless episodes of TV’s Top of the Pops, often starring Jimmy Saville, who now has to be cut out of the repeats, and played at the Beijing Olympics, has just been voted Best Ever Guitar Riff, Ever by BBC Radio 2 listeners, who should know. We were there…


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