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Law and disorder

And speaking of police procedurals,

If you live in the north London borough of Edmonton, it appears, you are more likely to survive the arrival of the cops on the scene than if you live in posher Islington, slightly to the south-west.

Police were called yesterday to the scene in Edmonton of a horrific murder, witnessed by two traumatised children, of an octogenarian woman who had had her head cut off in her garden by a knife-wielding maniac.

Following reports of a man running amok in the road waving a machete and shouting ‘something about cats’, some 40 police arrived, including an armed SWAT squad, and ‘a 25-year-old man’ was challenged, tasered, disarmed and taken into custody. Later, he was reported to be in hospital, usually a sign of some mental disorder.

This morning we heard on the news that in a second incident, a knife-wielding man had taken a woman, ‘believed to be known to him’, hostage at a house in Islington.  This time the police were less charitable, and despite the presence on the scene of a hostage negotiator, shot him dead.

He was later described as ‘a 40-year-old black man’.

A police spokesman told reporters: ‘London continues to be a very safe city’.

I suppose that depends on where, and who, you are.


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