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Is this the strangest year ever?

Conspiracy theory/drivel aware

Okay, everyone back to the Third World War.

What if…

There’s probably still a handful of Americans who are convinced that the 1968 NASA moon landing was faked-up in a large hangar somewhere in New Mexico, as a Cold War propaganda exercise to regain leadership of the space/arms race against the Soviet Union. (Yeah, so how come the shadow of the flag is pointing the wrong way? Huh? Answer me that!)

So, there’s quite a lot of scuttlebut going around among journalists of the more adventurous sort about links between the leaders of the ultra-violent ISIS group in Syria and certain shadowy neo-cons in or near the State Department. (You can catch up with it all on HuffPo) (ed. BogPo.)

The theme being that ISIS, which delights in beheading US journalists, is a US-created ‘state-within-a-state’ designed to provide a counterbalance against both Iran and Syria – Russian client states, and a means of defeating Assad without the USA having to fight the war Obama funked last year over the chemical weapons ‘red line’ (and who used those weapons on civilians, eh? Answer me that!).

In other words, the perpetual war continuing to rage in Syria, where the proponents are now so factionalised it is impossible to tell who is on which side, against whom, is being deliberately prolonged as a new episode in what used to be known as The Great Game – the 150-year-old struggle between the Great Powers for hegemony in the Middle East and South-Central Asia.

Now, it’s not inconceivable that the CIA or some sub-group might be playing some part in advancing the War on Terror in this sneaky way. After all, did they not arm and train the Mujahideen, the force of guerrilla fighters who took on the Red Army in the ten-years’ war that followed the Kremlin-sponsored coup in Kabul in 1979 that killed President Amin and put the Soviet puppet Babrak Kamal in power – after the US ambassador had been taken hostage and then was killed in a bungled attempt by the Afghans to rescue him…. (Not that Amin was the goody, his secret police tortured and murdered thousands.)

More brackets: (If you think Syria is complicated, try to work your way through the Wikipedia entry on the Soviet war in Afghanistan… take a sleeping-bag, spare batteries and plenty of provisions.)

And of course the Mujahideen grew to become the Taleban, and they had to be tidied-up later, only the thing had got out of control, and…

So, assuming ISIS is part of the secret plot to restore Iran to the pleasure-loving Parsi democracy we all know it remains under the grim religious surface (Hang on, wasn’t Jimmy Carter the President in 1979? Isn’t the Great Peacemaker linked in some way I can’t quite put my finger on yet to both the opposition in Iran and the opposition in Afghan… oh, I don’t know, it’s too complicated. You can’t really imagine he’d be linked to a conspiracy identified in the George Clooney film Syriana to overthrow the Iranian theocracy, that set-up the US embassy hostages crisis and the bungled attempt to… that cost him the Presidency… ? Lovely old Christian Jimmy?)… then the best way to proceed is to bomb Syria. Geddit? No, neither me.

But look. If we really want to prevent sinister mullahs from recruiting gullible young jihadis in Northern mosques to go fight for the ISIS cause, then why does our news media insist on endlessly recycling the same ISIS recruiting video clips as visual wallpaper for their studio presentation and discussions?

While, the more I have to look at those clips, the more I start to wonder if they are real? If shadowy neo-cons close to the State Department could create ISIS (in league with the Gulf States, whose oil is running out and who need the northern Iraqi oilfields), then would they not also have to invent ISIS?

In the sense that all those propaganda shots of chaps riding exultantly atop ‘captured’ long-range ballistic missiles and tanks (rumour is, we supplied them);  swaggering triumphally in line across the sand, wearing those faintly gay, iconic Balenciaga costumes; sitting out chinwagging about how great Allah is under the desert stars, seem deliberately designed to create an impression of glorious invincibility and romantic adventure that is rather at odds with the reality, which is that wherever they are confronted by forces determined to stop them, they’re stopped – while half of them are blubbing they want to go home, and the other half are being shot as Israeli spies?

You can turn away now, but it has been raised by others – the possibility that the notorious Jihadi John ‘beheading’ videos aren’t totally convincing. When I was a kid, there was a mail-order firm called Ellisdon’s, that specialised in magic tricks. One was a miniature guillotine that would cause grown mothers to faint at the dinner table, when it ‘chopped’ little Jimmy’s finger off! A competent magician could fake it easily. It’s pretty tasteless to try to deny that those hostages were killed somewhere, somehow. What if they werent? I’m only concerned about the plodding script, the improbably tall Darth Vader-alike in black, the voice like a London cabbie’s that appears to have been slowed down for effect, or disguise… the suggestion that the masked man in the picture is only posing, both as the speaker and as the killer.

Extra brackets: (Freudians might point to the unconscious image of Jihadi John as the rapist, demanding fellatio before castrating his rival for the love of the mother-goddess.)

And then, there’s the notorious shot of the ‘massacre’ victims – a pile of corpses, stripped of their clothing, supposedly of captured Iraqi troops, yet upon whose bodies it has been remarked are no signs at all of bullet wounds or blood… the shadow of the flag, pointing the wrong way? And the stories of mass kidnappings of Christian women, forced marriages and conversions, that some female witnesses have said didn’t happen quite like that at all? All deliberately designed by shadowy neo-cons to force Obama and Cameron to skip hand-in-hand into a reprise of Iraq in Syria?

So it’s being murmured in some quarters.

Yet more brackets: (Hey, if you strip away all the big, washy-coloured areas of the news maps of territory supposedly controlled by ISIS, and pare them down – as some other news maps do – to the skinny, wiggly arms of the territory ACTUALLY controlled by ISIS, you see something rather weird. It looks exactly like the Ebola virus…. Now, read on…)

2014 has very probably been the strangest year I can remember. Disappearing airliners, sinking ships, plague, storms, the resurgence of ancient kingdoms (today is referendum day in Scotland…), weird political misalliances, millennarian movements springing up everywhere out of the desert, mass kidnappings, beheadings – not just in Syria, some of them in Britain – a war in Ukraine, that has  taken the lives of three thousand victims but is apparently being fought by neither side… a profound sense of unease in the wake of so many failed attempts by reasonable people everywhere in the past few years to assert some sort of right to a life free from domination by the security state… attempts that would not be in the best interests of the shadowy neo-cons in or near to the State Department… UFO-sightings… asteroids… volcanoes… ghosts… strange lights and sinkholes…  a crack across Mexico… Kim Khardashian and Kanye West… etcetera, so totally etcetera…

If I ever figure out just what is going on, I’ll let you know. Promise.


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