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Police procedurals #3

And why, oh why.

It’s late in the evening. Illuminated only by a desklamp, the expected victim is working late at the office, or rifling through the boss’s desk drawers, looking for incriminating evidence. He/she is the only person left in the building.  Somewhere a floorboard creaks, a breeze disturbs the pile of important papers…

And instead of phoning the police and hiding in a cupboard, what does the idiot do?



“Is somebody there???”

And goes out of the office, alone and unarmed, onto the darkened fucking stairwell to investigate….


PS  And why, oh why, do characters when they are being pursued through buildings by the baddies/cops/hired killers, always run UPSTAIRS, from where it’s more difficult/dangerous/HIGH UP, to get away?

Could some mildly inebriated and deadline-driven TV scriptwriter maybe let us in on the secret?

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