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Nigel Farage, an apology

An apology is owed by The Boglington Post to Mr Nigel Farage, erstwhile and current leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

It seems on reviewing a number of Posts on this, muh li’l bogl, that we may have inaccurately referred to Mr Farage from time to time as a former merchant banker.

Mr Farage has recently been at pains to point out that he was, in fact, merely a commodity broker.

That’s all right, then.

Nor should it be imputed that Thanet South voters who declined to elect Mr Farage as their Member of Parliament at the recent General Election might have been unduly influenced by any adverse coverage he received in The Post. For, as any fule kno, Boglington-on-Sea is in fact somewhere up North.

However, as we approach the 450th Post after three years and four months of excoriating, informed comment, this regrettable lapse in editorial standards has brought it home to me as your Editor-in-Chief that we must constantly be questioning everything we do and say. There may be a case for establishing beyond doubt, the veracity of every article the Post has ever published.

Consequently, I am instigating a full and frank inquiry to be chaired by my old school chum, Lord Brian Leveson, who has some expertise in these matters.

I trust that the outcome of this searching probe will demonstrate that, while every effort has been made to ensure balance, accuracy and fairness in Uncle Bogler’s normally lamentable reporting, the charitable view must prevail. He does his best, under frequently trying circumstances.

For, when everything is said and done, all life is fiction, n’est ce pas?

Herr Professor Doktor Ernst von-und-zu Bogl (By Appointment)




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