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The Boglington Post. The BogPo says: “Put a Sock in It, Desmond!!” News from Next Door. Granny Weatherwax: not heatwaving, but drowning. RIP Jim Marrs – or is it?


The BogPo says: “Put a Sock in It, Desmond!!”

(Photo: ihlondon/Google images)

“NOW EU SPOILS OUR HOLIDAYS” – Daily Express headline, 02 August

The British tabloid press is famed for its cretinous hypocrisies.

Millionaire pornographer, Mr Richard Desmond has campaigned assiduously to drag Britain out of the European Union through his Daily Express and Daily Star titles, aimed at elderly working-class readers with no education – core ‘Brexit’ voters – abusing his position as proprietor to interfere constantly in – and even set – editorial policy.

He donated £millions in profits taken from readers to the Leave campaign, and to the now utterly failed UKIP party experiment. And even after the vote was won he continues to use his failing media to ensure the Government sticks to its holy task of removing the scourge of Europeanism and other foreignisms from the ravaged face of the nation.

Thus, on 23 June, 2016 he had his wicked way with Britain’s dominant position in Europe, and now we are an object of pity and regret as the European economy roars away and Britain is left stuttering in its wake.

Our totally unprepared and frankly useless Brexit negotiating team is hopelessly divided and unable to plot a way out of the mess that abrogating 43 years of closely argued treaties has created, that offers any hope of a smooth transition to futile independence, leaving a once proud nation adrift and friendless without influence on the rising waters of potential global catastrophe.

Why did he do it? Well, to make more money, obviously. But how was it sold to the disillusioned public, after six years of austerity measures that have left the primary and secondary healthcare systems, our social welfare net and our schools in rags?

To “regain control of our borders” – among other false illusions.

But what does that mean, in practice?

At the weekend, some British holidaymakers were delayed (along with everyone else) by enhanced security checks at a number of continental airports, introduced as a result of the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels. (Let’s forget that British Airways had another ‘computer malfunction’ yesterday, causing delays and cancellations. They’re British.)

Note the word ‘security’. Something we are all, are we not, nowadays signed up to? The BBC reported:

Rule changes brought in after recent terror attacks mean people entering and leaving the Schengen area, which allows passport-free movement across much of the EU, face more security checks.

…and quoted a spokesperson for the European Commission:

“We understand that there are concerns about EU rules leading to longer waiting periods, but let us be very clear – this is about the security of our citizens. All EU member states wanted to have the current rules. We cannot have on the one hand, a joint request from member states to have more checks and controls, to increase security, and at the same time have complaints about longer waiting periods.”

Britain is, of course – as we are so exceptional – not in the Schengen area. Unlike the krauts, the frogs and the eyeties we control our bor… er, oh, no, sorry, we will regain control of our borders.

The additional security involves actually checking passengers’ ID against computer records and takes ‘up to two minutes’ extra per person. This on Day One of the big end-of-July school-holidays push created a backlog of up to four hours at some terminals, and some late-arriving passengers missed their flights.

The British tabloid press has whinged endlessly on about us ‘losing control’ of people coming into the country because their details are not being checked properly. But it seems that when the Europeans tighten their own border controls, it’s being done deliberately to ruin the lives of British holidaymakers.

The most sickening aspect of tabloid press hypocrisy has long been this lunatic belief in British ‘exceptionalism’, that somehow being born on an island off the coast of Europe that once had an empire makes us so special, we have to be set above everyone else.

And what do the grossly overpaid intellectual molluscs who edit those dreadful rags imagine is going to happen when the departure gates from Britain finally clang shut on the Continent in March, 2019?

Just as Donald Trump’s entire domestic policy has been obsessively focussed on shredding any sensible legislation with the detested word ‘Obama’ on the label, so the European Court of Justice has become the bête noir, the absolute ‘red line’ for our millionaire newspaper proprietors and their underpaid hacks, who fear and loathe its power to decide over corporate policy and who want to bring rule-making back to the more pliable Supreme Court in London.

This hardline approach has created the bulk of the problems negotiators are facing in separating us from supervisory commissions like Euratom, the European Medicines Agency, the Arrest Warrant and the ‘Open Skies’ aviation agreements, the financial ‘passporting’ arrangements and citizenship issues whereby continuing co-operation with the 27 is essential but where in those cases the ECJ would be expected to remain the court of final appeal.

Under intense lobbying, Mrs May and her cabinet simply cannot find a compromise solution – which means it will come down to the wire with an all-or-nothing agreement at the end of it. To escape the malign influence of the ECJ, which has stolen our vital bodily fluids, our ‘sovereignty’ (there are British judges in the court) we shall almost certainly exit both the Free Trade Agreement and the Customs Union.

What do the intensely self-interested Desmond of the Express and Harmsworth of the Mail think is going to happen to ‘British holidaymakers’ at Schengen borders then? That we shall just be waved through as soon as Security sees we’re wearing Union Jack underpants and bearing small pots of Marmite?

The answer is, they don’t give a fuck. They’ve both got private jets.


News from next door

Oh great, the neighbours have gone on holiday.

In the back garden.

Ever since yesterday it’s sounded like they might have visitors, including possibly a child. They moved out into the garden at about four in the afternoon and have been there ever since, although it’s not that warm.

Their increasingly noisy, increasingly incoherent conversations and loudly shouted phone calls went on until two a.m. and seem to have resumed, or maybe went on all night, I don’t know, sleep eventually came, over breakfast; which they appear to be having in the garden.

I had the dilemma at about midnight of having to close the bathroom window in order to keep out the distracting sounds of lively social chat turning to rancorous argument under the effect of alcohol, thus locking out Katz the cat for the night; or leaving the downstairs back door open for her to go in and out, as I have yet to think of a way to introduce a catflap in a double-glazed unit.

To my embarrassment the window, that has been open for years, had become stiff with moisture and creaked loudly when I closed it. Would they have heard, and thought I was being rude? I am rude, of course, I hate having neighbours, although when I saw them struggling to load a motorcycle into the back of their van the other day, I rushed guiltily to help.

It occurs to me now, I may have been attempting to assist in the commission of a felony.

Waking at about 2 am, encouraged by silence next door I thought, thank God, they’ve gone back in, and furtively opened the window a crack – creak – only for a phone to ring in the garden and the woman answered it, and off they started again, and I had to shut the window – creak. Would they think I was spying on them?

Now the man is trying to start his latest dysfunctional machine, a petrol-driven strimmer or some such. I imagine he is showing it to his visitors. It fires up and runs for a few seconds before sputtering to a halt. He has been trying to make it go for weeks, inbetween doing weird things to the small white Astra van parked in the street, across the main road, half on the sidewalk, within an illegal distance from the corner.

After fixing an amber flashing light and two spotlights to the roof, he’s painted the back doors and the new alloy wheels he fitted charcoal matt-black, so it now looks like a post-conflagratory van version of the Grenfell Tower. Sometimes he fixes a sign to the side, offering his friendly services to anyone who wants stuff taking to the recycling centre.

And next day he’s taken it off again.


This is not the sea, or a Hokusai painting, it’s a river in China. (Photo: The Guardian)

“The Great Flood of Gun-Yu (traditional Chinese: 鯀禹治水), also known as the Gun-Yu myth, was a major flood event in ancient China that allegedly continued for at least two generations, which resulted in great population displacements among other disasters, such as storms and famine. People left their homes to live on the high hills and mountains, or nest in the trees.” – Wikipedia

Granny Weatherwax: Not heatwaving, but drowning

So, where to begin this report of the latest extreme weather conditions across the world (see previous episodes)? These reports I’ve been able to source cover just the week 30 July – 4 Aug.

Japan: Typhoon Noru is expected to make landfall on Saturday, 5 Aug. in Kyushu island. Windspeeds estimated at 133 mph, wave heights at 16m (53 ft), up to a foot of rain forecast. South Korea also on alert for Noru’s plotted trajectory in the coming days.

Taiwan: Typhoon Nesat dumps 60 cm of rain overnight, 30 July. Flooding causes 10 thousand people to be evacuated, 130 injured. That was Saturday, on Monday Typhoon Haitang brought 100-mph winds and flooding to the north of the country. Half a million people were without electricity.

Myanmar (Burma): “Four western regions have been declared disaster zones after heavy floods, caused by monsoon rains, left at least 27 people dead. But rescue teams have not yet reached many areas and are still awaiting reports on the worst-hit regions. In the neighbouring eastern Indian state of Manipur, a landslide buried a village, killing at least 21 people.”

Vietnam: More than 30 people dead/missing in flash flooding in Mu Cang Chai, North Vietnam.

Thailand: Flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Sonca last week has claimed 23 lives in Sakon Nakhon and is affecting two-thirds of the country with up to 2 metres of standing water in some places.

Indonesia: Jayapura city under three feet of water.

China: Fujian, SE China, 70 thousand people evacuated in advance of Typhoon Nesat and bracing for Haitang. Another of those violent ‘freak’ hailstorms hits Sichuan, causing damage and flash flooding. Chongquing city hit by severe storm.

China: “Shanghai, the most populous municipality in the world, is in the midst of a brutal heat wave, with the region topping 100 degrees for eight consecutive days and counting.”

India: Gujarat flooding – death toll exceeds 215 as more bodies recovered from receding waters. West Bengal, “At least 48 people died this week in the western part of the country. In the desert state of Rajasthan, about 24,000 people fled to higher ground” – AP. Unknown number of casualties – min. 3 – in flash flooding in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Villages cut off.

USA: ‘Historical flood’ inundates Kansas City after 7-in of water dumped overnight, with river levels up to two feet above previous records. A ‘rare’ tornado (only the third ever recorded) causes extensive damage in Maryland, where two people were drowned in flash flooding in Ellicott City on Monday. A sudden violent storm hits Phoenix, Arizona after weeks of 100F + heat.

USA: Tropical Storm Emily suddenly appears out of the Gulf, taking forecasters by surprise, flooding parts of Florida. While from Seattle, Washington State, comes news that it hasn’t rained for 47 days – approaching the record interval between showers. Las Vegas, Nevada, records its 55th day of 100F + heat.

USA: Just south of Seattle, Portland, Oregon is basking unusually in record 42C, 108F sunshine – local readings topping 120 in parts of the city. Corona, Southern California is hit by a sudden violent storm causing damage and localized flooding.

USA: “Hot and dry conditions in the West continue to influence large fire activity. Currently 36 large fires have burned nearly 580,000 acres. More than 11,500 firefighters and support personnel are assigned to incidents across the nation.” (1 Aug )

Canada: 150 wildfires are reportedly still burning in British Columbia, affecting over a million acres. People still being evacuated. Coastal cities smoke-ridden, 35C + heatwave warnings as far north as Vancouver.

Mexico: Violent storm, flash flooding washes away cars, buildings in the city of Ocampo.

Turkey: Another of those ‘freak’ hailstorms breaks car windows, causing extensive flash flooding in Istanbul for the second time in three weeks. An airliner is forced to make an emergency landing after sustaining damage from large hailstones.

Albania: “Armed forces joined hundreds of firefighters on Friday to battle dozens of forest fires as temperatures reached 40C. Albania has asked the European Union for emergency assistance to help prevent the wildfires spreading near the capital, Tirana.”

Russia: “‘By 2080 Siberia (will) become ‘the go-to place to live due to climate change. Vineyards will flourish as winters become almost 10C milder’, says new scientific prediction.” Meanwhile: “In Yamalo-Nenets officials reported 47 wildfires across 2,097 hectares after a blast of hot weather … Local governor Dmitry Kobylkin said: ‘The temperature in the region is extreme. The situation will remain the same for some time'”.

The Arctic: Arctic sea surface temperature anomalies are well above 8°C (14.4°F) in several parts of the Arctic Ocean. Global sea ice extent is at a record low for the time of the year. “There is basically NO thick ice left on the Arctic Ocean surface.” (Paul Beckwith). Sea temperature average is 2.5C, 4.4F above 1981-2010. Sea surface temperature in the Bering Strait on 22 July recorded at 19C, 62F.

Atmospheric methane is currently at 3.7 times pre-industrial level. High levels recorded at both poles.

Mediterranean: A heatwave with a name! Lucifer…. “A surge of hot air will lift temperatures close to or above 40°C, 104°F across popular holiday destinations in the Med through to next week. Eastern Spain, Ibiza, Majorca, Italy, southern France, Croatia and Alpine regions will roast over the next (ten) days as temperatures climb to as high as 10-15C above average.” Severe thunderstorms are forecast for the whole of Europe.

Croatia: The temperature in fire-ravaged Split hit a record 42.3C (105F) on Friday. A lethal 46C (114.8F) is the forecast for northern Italy over the weekend. The heatwave is not expected to relent before Wednesday. Mysteriously, though Croatia Week carries a heat warning there is not one mention of the wildfires that have ravaged the country over the past two weeks. Tourism must go on.

Poland, Bulgaria, Romania all sweltering at 35C +, peak demand for electricity exceeded.

Spain: 300 evacuated from wildfire covering 2,500 acres of pine forest at Castilla-la-Mancha; firefighters have been battling a large fire 30 km south of Athens, Greece.

UK: The winter of 2016 was the warmest for England and Wales in records that stretch back to 1910, the Met Office’s annual State of the UK Climate report revealed on Thursday. The average temperature from December 2015 to February 2016 was more than 2C above the long-term average across the southern half of the UK.


Climate and Extreme Weather News #49, 50/ Extremeweather.co.uk/ US National Interagency Fire Center/ New York Times/ Washington Post/ Siberia Times/ Science Daily/ the Guardian/ BBC News/ Arctic News/ Croatia Week.

Paul Beckwith at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4L41UtGH7c


Apocalypse shortly…

Just a quick update: The Yellowstone swarm continues, 58 earthquakes incl a M2.9 reported by USGS on one day alone, Thursday 3 Aug. M3.1 and around 17 smaller earthquakes reported yesterday, 2 Aug. (Day 53).


RIP Jim Marrs – Or is it?

The conspiracy theory community is today mourning the death, age 73, of Jim Marrs, investigative reporter extraordinaire, who dedicated his life to proving JFK was killed by aliens and 9/11 was a neocon plot. Or something.

Stolen by aliens… Jim Marrs

I have stolen the following excerpts from a lead article introducing a YouTube clip of a Whitly Streiber radio show, Jim Marrs on Secret Government Knowledge | The secret revealed – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7MWsyXtTM0&t=105s

Plausibility warning: none of the folks on that show sounds remotely bonkers. To begin with.

“Jim Marrs (born December 5, 1943) is an American former newspaper journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover ups and conspiracies.

“Marrs is a prominent figure in the JFK conspiracy press and his book ‘Crossfire’ was a source for Oliver Stone’s film JFK. He has written books asserting the existence of government conspiracies regarding aliens, 9/11, telepathy, and secret societies. He … has taught a class on the assassination of John F. Kennedy at University of Texas at Arlington for 30 years. Marrs is a member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

“Beginning in 1992, Marrs spent three years researching … a non-fiction book on a top-secret government program called the Stargate Project involving the psychic phenomenon known as remote viewing. … Within two months, the story of military-developed remote viewing broke nationally in the Washington Post after the CIA revealed the program.

(Ed note: this story later formed the basis of Jon Ronson’s book and subsequent George Clooney film ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats.’)

“In May 1997, Marrs’ investigation of UFOs, ‘Alien Agenda’, was published by HarperCollins Publishers. Publishers Weekly described Alien Agenda as “the most entertaining and complete overview of flying saucers and their crew in years.”

“In early 2000, HarperCollins published ‘Rule by Secrecy’, which claimed to trace a hidden history connecting modern secret societies to ancient and medieval times. This book also reached the New York Times Best Seller list. In 2003, his book ‘The War on Freedom’ probed the alleged conspiracies of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath. (It was Dick Cheney all along. Ed.) It was released in 2006 under the title ‘The Terror Conspiracy’.”

He will be sorely missed.

But I’m never sure what to make of American researchers who, like Indiana Jones, insist on wearing hats all the time, especially indoors. It can overcook your brain, I find.

For a documentary encapsulating Marrs’ pretty plausible forensic exploration of the evidential inconsistencies pointing to a high-level conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYtjg7VezpU



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