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The Pumpkin – Issue 35: Tweety-pie Strikes Back … Mid-East: US energy policy on the back-burner? … GW: Your old granny with the inside-out umbrella (etc. – under construction)

“George who? No, I just sent him to Guantanamo.” Trump sees no Papadopouloses at his table.


Tweety-pie strikes back

According to The Guardian: Mr Trump – perhaps we need to start calling him Old Yellowstone, for his tweetswarms, his unusual color and his imminent threat of extinction – issued a series of four angry tweets on Sunday morning (29 Oct.):

  • “Never seen such Republican ANGER & UNITY as I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton made Fake Dossier (now $12,000,000?),….
  • “…the Uranium to Russia deal, the 33,000 plus deleted Emails, the Comey fix and so much more. Instead they look at phony Trump/Russia,….
  • “…’collusion,’ which doesn’t exist. The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the R’s…
  • “…are now fighting back like never before. There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!”

About an hour later he tweeted (loudly): “All of this ‘Russia’ talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!”

Is it possible?

Does Tweety-pie actually believe in his own fantasies?

There is no “UNITY” in the Republican party. They all hate him, of course, but the party is split between those who are terrified of what will happen to their majorities if they do dump him and those who don’t plan on carrying on this farce anyway as it’s all got too seriously awful and they’re leaving.

Clinton did not make the “Fake Dossier”, most of which has been verified independently by US security services. It was commissioned originally by the Republican party. The fact of its commissioning does not prove collaboration between Clinton and the Kremlin: it was commissioned from a British security consultant who was briefed to find out what information the Russians had on Trump. It did not result from contact between Clinton and the Kremlin. It is absurd to suggest the Russians paid for it.

The Pumpkin does not understand the reference to $12 million dollars, unless it is the $12.7 million paid to Paul Manafort for ‘political consultancy’ to the departed Ukrainian kleptocrat, Viktor Yanukovitch, said to have looted the State coffers of $37 billion.

There has never been any evidence that Clinton secretly conspired to sell a Canadian company mining uranium in the US, Uranium One, to Russia in exchange for campaign donations. The allegation surfaced in a 2010 book by a Breitbart News contributor and was aired by Trump supporter, Sean Hannity of Fox News; a notorious fabricator of questionable truths. Even if she had facilitated a deal under US rules, there would have been nothing illegal about such a deal had it gone through the proper channels. Which as far as anyone can tell, it did.

The question is, was she aware (as head of the State Department, overseeing nine government agencies required to approve the deal) that the FBI was investigating corrupt practices in the Russian nuclear industry at the time? Did she even have a decision in the matter? Probably not, says the Washington Post. Trump’s claim has been exhaustively investigated by journalists and found to be without any basis, but there’s a Congressional investigation going on anyway.

The FBI’s “Russia” investigation began long before Trump proposed his disgraceful so-called budget corruptly offering $trillions in tax cuts to his donor billionaires and corporations and ramping up the national debt at the expense of public health and the environment, illogic based on the discredited garbage ‘trickle-down’ economics of Arthur Laffer. The Mueller investigation has nothing whatever to do with tax reform, that is just a typically Trumpian red herring.

The FBI investigated the 33,000 ‘deleted emails’ (you can’t delete emails other than from your own files) and found nothing to prove any breach of security, criminal activity or intent. Trump may have learned of the emails for the first time in the immediate aftermath of a secret meeting at Trump Tower between his son, Don Moron Jr, together with Kushner and Manafort, and the Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, who had with her three current or former members of the Russian intelligence community, on 9 June, 2016. But it appears they may have been known about in April, from a meeting Papadopoulos says he had with a mysterious Russian ‘professor’ in London. Whatever.

Thousands more emails hacked by the Russians that somehow found their way into the possession of Julian Assange’s poisonous Wikileaks entity came from the server, not of Clinton but of her campaign manager, John Podesta, a former White House Chief of Staff. While they show that various possibly controversial policy options were being bandied about, some of which experts agree might have been inserted by the Russians to discredit Clinton, there was absolutely nothing incriminating in them; unless, along with Crazy Alex Jones, you are happy to believe they contained secret code for paedophile activities worldwide.

Subsequent to which several attempts were made by the Trump gang, first to deny the 9 June meeting ever took place, then to present it as a non-starter or about something completely trivial and irrelevant, adoption policy, to conceal its true purpose, which is still unclear; although it is the view of The Pumpkin that so many of the invited attenders having so much experience of moving large sums of dirty money through offshore shell companies must indicate that a pipeline was almost certainly being discussed to fund an illicit campaign support operation by the Russians (it’s illegal to accept foreign funding for elections in the USA), possibly including the buying of social media advertising.

The president himself was implicated by witnesses in drafting a false account of the meeting while aboard Airforce 1, ostensibly to protect his drooling offspring. That didn’t work. While, in the immediate aftermath of the meeting, a known Republican bag-man, Peter Smith, reporting to General Mike Flynn, began to recruit computer specialists (including a Russian speaker) with the apparent aim of tracing the Clinton email tranche to obtain “dirt” on her. Really? with the entire resources of the GRU and Wikileaks to call on?

The following December, Jared Kushner held an illegally undeclared meeting in New York with the head of Vnesheconombank, former FSB-man and Putin crony Sergey Gorkov; after the revelation emerged, Kushner claimed to have been opening a “back-channel” to Russia, with a sanctioned bank. This was interpreted as meaning a diplomatic back-channel, however it seems probable that Kushner had two items on the agenda: one, paying for Russian support in the election with ‘dark money’, and two, patching up his own finances following massive losses in the New York property market. It was a financial “back-channel” – what you might term a “black-channel”.

Mr Trump has now turned on his son-in-law, claiming he gave him bad advice to fire Comey, without which Mueller would never have been appointed. We don’t think so.

The only “facts” that are “pouring out” then are that, whether known or unknown to him, Trump’s campaign team contained a number of figures – Flynn, Page, Manafort – potentially indictable in separate conspiracies to treat with foreign powers in breach of the Logan Act; that the scale and scope of Russian interference to rig Trump’s election – he did say the election was rigged – has become a noteworthy aim of the Mueller investigations, and that there are suspicions of money-laundering and sanctions-busting on a grand scale.

These desperate tweets of his, with their bizarre flurry of excited capitals are conclusive proof that Trump is a) terrified, b) mentally incapacitated and c) profoundly compromised, and must be removed from office immediately (along with his cronies) for the sake of national security.

But the hope that Mueller’s first Grand Jury indictments in the case will include the Orange Orb himself need not detain us



(Spoiler: It’s Manafort and Rick Gates, his “business partner”. Manafort faces 12 counts of money laundering, totalling $75 million; failure to declare his consultancy work for a foreign government, described as anti-American activity, and tax fraud: his starters. Meanwhile, former Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos (see below, also Pumpkins passim, re Noble Energy and an Israeli gas pipeline contract) has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the timing of meetings with alleged go-betweens for Russia. The stated aim was to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin: this seems highly implausible, for about 103 reasons.

“George Papadopoulos admitted the talks happened while he worked for Mr Trump, not before, court papers show. He said he had been told the Russians possessed “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.” – USA Today.

This “digging the dirt on Clinton” excuse used by all of Trump’s guilty transition team people for all their dealings with the Russians is beginning to wear thin, no? After all, they could just make dirt up, they’re good at that.

And did, seemingly.


Mid-East: US energy policy on the back-burner?

Media coverage of the Mueller Grand Jury indictments curiously fails to answer one key question. In June 2016, the Trump campaign was poised on the verge of having its boy adopted as the candidate of the Republican right. Was it just a case of ‘one more heave’ when Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and put Manafort in the job? Why did he do that?

It seems Manafort was proposed by the reptilian ‘fixer’, Roger Stone – an old Trump ally and former business partner. Manafort and Stone had expertise with helping foreign political parties to win elections, specializing in “difficult clients” – brutal dictators – although he doesn’t seem to have been too successful with the deposed Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yanukovitch, who fled to Moscow via the Crimea in a convoy hastily organized by his friend President Putin at the height of the Maidan Square revolution in Kiev.

However, ’twas not always thus, as Fusion TV reported in April 2016:

“Manafort’s efforts paid off: Over the next several years, the Party of Regions gained power in the legislative and judicial branches. By 2010, Yanukovych had made a stunning comeback, again winning the presidency, and overseeing a regime that held on to power by funneling government money to his “Family” of oligarchs and party apparatchiks. As a 2007 US embassy cable describing the Party of Regions inner circle put it: “Ukraine’s history is marred with non-transparent privatizations that have benefited a few well-connected insiders.”

Yanukovitch was said by the Ukrainian opposition to have looted the State coffers of $37 billion. The figure is probably an exaggeration, although his grandiose palace with its underground boxing arena and zoo, his gold toilets and personalized whisky bottles speak of an extravagant lifestyle. At the same time, account ledgers have turned up showing huge payments to Manafort: he seems to have been paid $600 thousand a month for undisclosed “services” – in total around $28 million – a figure he denies. The deposed leader’s fortune must have gone somewhere: Swiss banks can no longer be relied on to maintain confidentiality in such delicate matters.

So was he just this improbably successful, street-smart PR man? Lynton Crosby on steroids? Something else that turned up were references to Manafort in the Panama Papers. It seems that in addition to spending huge sums undeclared to the IRS, he may have set up a number of tax-exempt offshore companies that are now the subject of the Grand Jury indictments against him. Was he helping Yanukovitch to squirrel away his ill-gotten gains? The names of Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs associated with this bewildering network of exchange relationships read like a Who’s Who of Putin’s cronies: the Akhmetovs, Firtasz, Kolesnikov, Deripaska… some of them associated with organized crime or the embezzlement of huge sums acquired from Putin’s privatizations.

Clearly, Manafort’s connections and expertise at offshore “investments” must have counted for as much in the minds of the inexperienced brigands in the Trump campaign as his undoubted ability to manipulate voters, even in a foreign country where he did not speak the language. Trump’s – and subsequently the Republicans’ – rapid about-turn on personalized sanctions against many of these oligarchs and their business associates, and the abandonment of policies critical of the Russian annexation of Crimea, the shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and the military intervention in the civil unrest in east Ukraine, were directly linked to Manafort’s arrival on the team.

And here too was a reason for him to have been present at the 9 June meeting with the Kremlin lawyer, Veselnitskaya, who was accompanied to Trump Tower by three Russians, or naturalized Americans, with past FSB or GRU (Russian intelligence) connections – including Ike Khaveladze, a financier said to have set up over 2,000 offshore shell companies for Russian and Ukrainian “investors”.

This meeting was clearly not about getting the “Magnitsky Act” banning US adoptions of Russian children, or other sanctions lifted, as the Trump team insisted at first. Nor, The Pumpkin suspects, was it about getting hold of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton (the charmingly self-incriminating excuse de nos jours for all those undeclared meetings); nor would it have been about “setting up back-channels” to the Kremlin – unless the channels were a financial pipeline to the Trump campaign, to fund a clandestine program of disinformation using paid-for media to blacken Clinton, Podesta, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party – to hack the voting machines, to glean private information on millions of voters, to support the Republican party campaign of “voter suppression” and to pay data analytics companies to target personalized messages via social media and Google at millions of wavering voters: the Brexit referendum in the UK being the dry run.

For it appears increasingly likely that Russian money was also behind the Brexit “Leave” campaign in the UK. Recent reporting in The Guardian and Observer newspapers has called into question, the origin of the large sums invested by supposedly wealthy disruptors like Arron Banks in setting up Nigel Farage’s United Kingdom Independence Party, Leave.EU and the Vote Leave! campaigns; given that Mr Banks, who is married to a Russian, was not, prior to those very large donations, a sufficiently wealthy individual; yet who managed to create an impression of wealth by juggling funds between his raft of company registrations, mostly in the no-longer lucrative motorcycle insurance business.


In March of this year, sacked FBI director, James Comey admitted in a completely unreported exchange with Congressman Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, that yes, he suspected the Russians had interfered with the EU referendum as well as with the US election. This startling admission has never been investigated.

Links are being explored, too, between the US and British campaigns and Wikileaks, the influential but disruptive anti-Establishment website created by the self-imposed internal political and criminal exile, Julian Assange, that appeared to be – if not working directly for the Russians, at least providing useful services to the “Get Hillary!” and the Brexit Leave campaigns.

So who is Papa Dop?

And then there is this other figure, George Papadopoulos – said to have made a number of unsuccessful attempts on his own initiative to set up a face-to-face meeting between candidate Trump and Vladimir Putin, as if he was some kind of pathetic figure or useful idiot – the “Carter Page” defense.

Alongside “We were just trying to dig some dirt on Hillary”, the other favoured get-out-of-gaol card that is so frequently played by members of the Trump administration when an individual looks like being caught with their fingers in the Samovar is: “Yes, but he was only a very minor unpaid intern on the fringe of the campaign, more a sort of worm really, and of course he never met Trump, who would not know him from the grime under his fingernails”. It’s the line the sweaty woman, Huckabee “I’m a Christian” Sanders is peddling to the depressingly lame White House press corps.

The same excuse has been used to fend off press interest in characters like Felix Sater, the long-term Trump associate reportedly connecting him with property investment funds funnelled from the Russian criminal underworld – who, despite being photographed with his arm around him, and renting an office suite in Trump Tower (Manafort also has an office in the Gilded Phallus), Trump says he would not recognize if he saw him across the room (Trump has obvious issues with his eyesight) – and General Flynn’s son Michael Jr, from whose enthusiastic support for the ludicrous “Pizzagate” allegations against Clinton even the Trump campaign tried to distance itself. (You can always tell when Fuckabee’s lying, her top lip curls to the left and she sweats more heavily.)

Papadopoulos, who has confessed to lying to the FBI about Russian contacts – a federal offense – is now being widely described as a former Trump campaign advisor on foreign policy and a purely peripheral figure on the team, an unpaid intern whom Trump met only once – although a photograph in circulation of a campaign committee meeting with Trump at the helm suggests otherwise. However, only a few months back he was said to be advising on energy policy, as he is or was on the board of a Houston, Texas-based company called Noble Energy, in which Trump is or was a shareholder – and is an alumnus of the climate-change-denying, orl-bidness-funded Hudson Institute. He was also director of the Center for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security at the London Center of International Law Practice.

According to DeSmog, an environmental campaigning website, “The story of who Papadoupolous is begins and ends with the Hudson Institute, a think-tank with a long history of climate change denial and anti-science advocacy.”

“A DeSmog investigation has revealed that the Hudson Institute, via industry funding its advocacy efforts, has proven instrumental in opening up Israel’s offshore natural gas reserves for drilling in the Mediterranean Sea for Noble Energy. Likewise, the efforts of Papadoupolous have helped pave the way for Noble to tap into the Mediterranean.”

And as one of his Wikipedia entries reports:

“In 2014, Papadopoulos authored op-ed pieces in Israeli publications. In one, published in the right-wing Arutz Sheva, Papadopoulos argued that the U.S. should focus on its “stalwart allies” Israel, Greece, and Cyprus to “contain the newly emergent Russian fleet”; in another, published in Ha’aretz, he contended that Israel should exploit its natural gas resources in partnership with Cyprus and Greece rather than Turkey.”

Papadopoulos’ co-author, Seth Cropsey is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. Papa Dop is no lightweight.

Now, the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Turkey’ should cause lights to flash, as they are closely related to the interests, both of Trump’s Orthodox son-in-law Jared Kushner with his profoundly dodgy Israeli business connections, and of Gen. Flynn and his previously undeclared $500 thousand Turkey PR consultancy work. Far from being this no-account junior intern, the youthful-looking Papadopoulos was clearly key to a major element of the Trump team’s foreign policy in respect of both Israel and its energy interests in the Middle East; which may include containing Iran, a Russian ally, with its vast and underexploited field of natural gas; as well as the schmoozing of the Turks and their erratic dictator, Recep Erdogan.

Another aspect to these relationships involves the possibility of constructing an undersea pipeline to convey Noble gas from the Israeli coast via Cyprus and  Turkey to Ukraine, bypassing problematic Syria and freeing Ukraine from dependence on the contentious Russian supply line. Was that Flynn’s bag?

As the DeSmog blog put it:

“Though Trump has pledged not to be bought off by special interests due to his self-financed campaign, like most other U.S. politicians who want to hold office, he has a vested interest in not taking on the powerful Israel lobby. The same apparently goes for taking on its partner-in-action, Noble Energy, both lobbies of which are embodied in the person of George Papadopoulos.”



GW: Your old granny with the inside-out umbrella

The fish market in Hamburg yesterday (efe.com)

Europe: “Powerful storms have wreaked havoc in parts of central and northern Europe (30 Oct), killing at least five people in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. A 63-year-old camper drowned on the German coast as the result of a storm surge while the other four were killed by falling trees in strong winds. Winds reached 180km/h (112mph) on the Czech Republic’s highest mountain. Thousands of Poles and Czechs are still without power. The centre of the German city of Hamburg has been flooded.” (The storm was named Herwart, which might be German for Harvey…)

USA #1: After forming in the Caribbean and passing over Cuba, bringing two powerful tornados and more flooding to Florida, “Tropical Storm Philippe is no more, done in on Sunday afternoon by over 50 knots of wind-shear and merger with a cold front near the North Carolina coast. But much of the moisture and energy from the season’s 16th named storm will feed into a powerful non-tropical coastal storm gathering strength off the coast of North Carolina, and this new “Franken-Philippe” storm is poised to bring damaging high winds and flooding rains to the Northeast U.S. Sunday night though Monday.” Winds in excess of 100 mph were forecast for New Brunswick: this unusual ‘land-hurricane’ threatened to become the most powerful storm to hit New York since Sandy in 2012. Over 1 million were left without power; a 133 mph gust was recorded on Mt Washington..

USA #2: The fatuous moron, Trump has nominated to head the influential White House policy committee on the Environment, a notorious shill for the Koch Brothers and other huge polluters, a rich bitch called Kathleen Hartnett White. A former Rick Perry (ex-Gov. of Texas, now climate-change-denying Energy Secretary and postnatal cretin) appointee with no scientific qualifications, she claims that carbon dioxide is a Good Thing because it is an essential nutrient, which it was until her paymasters virtually doubled the amount in the atmosphere and fucked-up the weather.

This contrarian, lying old cunt with a history of “revising” environmental data prior to publication, author of a book “You Can Happily Breathe Gasoline!” or something like that, claims without a shred of evidence that fracking is creating ‘millions’ of jobs. She claims: “CO2 represents only 5 percent of global greenhouse gas.” In fact, as a greenhouse gas it is 80 per cent. The 5 per cent figure may refer to the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere, although we hope not, it needs to be around 2%, not to the additional burden of industrial gases that is the major cause of the greenhouse effect and has produced at least 1.2 deg C. (more probably 1.8 deg. C.) of warming since the fossil fuel burning began in earnest in the late C18th; more and faster warming than in the past 800 thousand years.

You see how these disingenuous liars twist things to enrich themselves and their friends at your expense?

One suspects she might be so controversial, insane and corrupted by the Texas carbon-vomiters that Trump has named her deliberately to draw more media fire from the Russia Thing. But no, it seems she has been a stain on the White House carpet since 2016 and this is merely a promotion to make the senescent orange moron feel better about the liquid shit that dribbles daily from his horrible lamprey-mouth.

Has she not even noticed that her paymasters at Exxon-Mobil admitted a while ago that the jig was up? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Kathleen Hartnett White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Japan: Just a week after Typhoon Lan killed 5 people in Japan, the country is bracing for  Tropical Storm Saola. It may track up the east coast of the islands as a Cat 1 typhoon but not make landfall.

World #1: “Concentrations of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere surged to a record high in 2016, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Last year’s increase was 50% higher than the average of the past 10 years. (Despite a slowdown in industrial output…) 2016 saw average concentrations of CO2 hit 403.3 parts per million, up from 400 ppm in 2015.” This is apparently the highest since Homo “sapiens” emerged out of Africa. (Localised readings this year have hit 870 ppm.)

Methane concentrations are giving even more cause for concern, but the WMO is reportedly “mystified” as to why they are rising so fast, putting the Paris targets at risk. The Pumpkin offers various inexpert theories: record heat anomalies in the Arctic again this year thawing the tundra, maybe? – record wildfires and forest clearance releasing methane to the atmosphere (and leaving less greenery to absorb the CO2)? – warmer, wetter conditions causing dead tropical vegetation to rot down faster? Increase in messy fracking operations? Increasing meat-eating in the developing world?

Focussed entirely as they appear to be on climate, the WMO scientists appear to be unaware of reports, eg that CO2 emissions are rapidly increasing from wildfires and from bacteria multiplying in warming soils; or that the higher the concentration, the less able the biota are to absorb it; tropical rainforests are now said to be becoming net emitters of greenhouse gases.

World #2: An offshoot of leading medical journal, The Lancet, the specially created Countdown Initiative “reveals … that hundreds of millions of people are already suffering the health impacts of climate change. Its insidious creep is being felt in multiple ways: rising temperatures are hastening the spread of infectious diseases; crop yields are becoming uneven and unpredictable, worsening the hunger and malnourishment for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet; allergy seasons are getting longer; and at times it is simply too hot for farmers to work in the fields.”

The Lancet report’s analysis – there has been a 46% increase in extreme weather disasters since 2000.

World #3:

“Tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, according to a new report. Senior US military and security experts have told the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) study that the number of climate refugees will dwarf those that have fled the Syrian conflict, bringing huge challenges to Europe.”

BBC News/ Weather Underground/ The Real News/ Guardian – Christina Figueres/ Guardian


End Times: a weekly or sometimes more report

Pneumonic plague: “A plague outbreak in Madagascar has infected 1,192 people since August, with 124 deaths, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Madagascar’s National Bureau of Risk Management and Disaster reported on Monday. The majority of cases, 67%, were the pneumonic form of the disease.” – CNN 26 Oct. warning travellers to watch for signs like their fingers turning black.

“…the deadly disease has spread into more African countries after taking root in Madagascar. Countries affected include South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion. The World Health Organisation, which has been working with Madagascar’s Ministry of Health, has warned the risk of the epidemic spreading (globally) is “high”.” – UK Daily Star, 30 Oct.

Influenza: “The NHS is braced for the worst flu season in its history amid fears that overcrowded hospitals will be unable to cope” (due to the Brisbane H3N2 virus that has infected 100 thousand Australians and killed “hundreds” following the large-scale failure of last winter’s vaccination programme.) “The head of the UK health service has warned that “pressures are going to be real”, as … influenza levels are expected to be high.” – Telegraph and others.

(The last serious outbreak of ‘flu in 1998 killed 30 thousand people in Britain. Or did it? The Full Facts statistical review website argues that annual ‘flu death statistics are grossly inflated by normal respiratory complaints. “… in fact all we can say for certain is that flu causes a few tens of deaths a year, and is associated with a few thousand.”

http://straightstatistics.fullfact.org/article/flu-deaths-triumph-statistics-not-virology )

Yellowstone: Seismograph data shows more and more magma filling the chamber beneath the caldera, with associated harmonic tremors and rising ground that’s pulsing alarmingly. Steam rising from the Old Faithful geyser is almost black – a sign that the rocks beneath are heating up. USGS is failing to report numerous earthquakes in and around the park and says it plans to shut down the monitors for winter ‘repairs’.

Seriously, guys, the seismographic charts for the key Maple Creek and Norris Junction areas are almost solid BLACK with activity, you can’t tell the quakes from the intruding magma. Either the monitors’re seriously defective, or we’re stuffed.

Philosophical observation: Monitoring these websites on a more or less daily basis, GW has observed that extreme weather events are happening so fast and so frequently, piling atop one another – such as the Tropical Storms that formed almost symmetrically last week over the east and west coasts of the narrow central American isthmus so there was confusion in reporting which exactly was causing what. Some of this year’s worst storms have materialised seemingly out of nowhere, catching forecasters by surprise.

It is leading to a strange situation where different weather bureaux are reporting or not reporting different events, sometimes getting them jumbled up, and news services are failing to report, for instance as with the German/Polish/Czech storms noted here, that a storm in the same region killed the same number of people in early August. While details vary from report to report, and not all forecasts turn out to be accurate. Weather Underground, for instance, has storm-tracking global maps that frequently fail to show the formation of new storms, particularly in the western Pacific.

So it’s not the events themselves that are necessarily so concerning, although nearly 5 feet of hailstones falling in 15 minutes over an Argentine city might be a cause for concern – it’s the information services that are being overwhelmed by the often unreported frequency and unusual patterns that are giving the impression of global weather increasingly in chaos.

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