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No title, no views… GW: world weather (‘there is no more normal’) and refugees (sadly, there is normal).

Hi y’all

Still partially sighted after the op., your Uncle Bogler is finding lengthy screeds hard to type as I’m seeing different realities with either eye, one side in wobbly sepia. Not to mention that damned keyboard shortcut I still can’t identify, easy to miskey when you can see, let alone now, that accidentally causes the entire screed to vanish and you have to try to get it back from Drafts.


The Pumpkin, too, is taking a break from Donald Trump’s endless fantasies about his own greatness. He’s really not at all great: basically, a narcissistic bigoted poorly informed fucking moron, a has-been 1980s publicity-vulture misogynistic TV creampuff; cheating racist grifter, dated bidness con-man in the pockets of billionaires and the Russian Mafia, with a stupid orange fake-Mussolini piss-on-you face and fascist obsession with military might, a pissed-off wife and three vampire sons, he’s getting really boring now. As are we, talking about him. Just ignore him, he’ll go away.

So here’s a bit more weather-related stuff, and then I’ll go on to talk about refugee children, as I’m playing a character in a play about the ‘Kindertransport’ lifeline that rescued hundreds of Jewish kids from the Germans in the nick of time before the Holocaust, so I was interested in this story. But first….

“…as of late January 2018, the global total of sea ice was close to the lowest level measured since satellite observations began in 1978.”

If Granny Weatherwax weren’t buried up to her turkey wattles in an avalanche, I’m sure she’d be telling you about Paris – Seine overflows, 1,000 people and the basement at the Louvre evacuated – the Rhône has also flooded at Lyon – torrential rainstorms (again) in Argentina and Guatemala, large parts of Mexico and Bolivia (new rainfall records set and beaten) underwater, tens of thousands evacuated from rising rivers – floods in Scotland, etcetera.

Postscripta: 1: the supposed-to-be minus 40C winter temperature at the North Pole is about to go 1.5C POSITIVE over the next 24 hours. 2: there is a massive low pressure (957 mb) area equivalent to a Cat 3 hurricane moving northwards in mid-Atlantic pushing warm air up into the arctic.

In the USA the east has been experiencing record WARM winter temperatures again after the horrendously cold start to the year and a winter hurricane, however the polar vortex is expected to return by the weekend and to stretch down right into Florida. Meanwhile a huge area of the midwestern USA: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and especially Kansas and part of Missouri is under a wildfire advisory warning today, with sustained, very dry wind of 25 mph and a lot of dead, dry prairie grass to burn.

And with the jetstreams completely fucked, polar air is expected to descend over northern Europe into next week, followed by another warm spell. Meanwhile Morocco has had a record cold spell, with a six-inch snowfall at altitude. It’s also been snowing heavily in Tehran, with roads blocked… and in Saudi Arabia. However, a winter heatwave is forecast to engulf the Arabian peninsula by 7 Feb. Northern Malawi in Africa is underwater again, 1 death reported. The extreme cold affecting Siberia has relocated to China, Japan, Korea and as far south as Vietnam. Minus 30C in Harbin City reflects the lowest-ever cold alert that’s gone out for most of northern China. (Sad image: Adelie penguins in Harbin zoo, shivering!) 05 Feb, major flooding in western Java, Indonesia, 4 dead.

While in Australia, the 108F-plus heatwave that roasted tennis players in Melbourne at the weekend gave way to ‘freezing’ (54F) temperatures yesterday as a mass of antarctic air settled over much of the country – remember, it’s high summer there. But the forecast is for blistering heat to return next week. And when is a cyclone not a cyclone? When it’s a tropical “low”, according to defensive weathermen in Western Australia, where: “the tropical low has brought near record rainfall across the west Kimberley, dumping more than 639mm in four days over the Broome region — just shy of the four-day total record of 653.8mm in 1978. (After another day it beat the 5-day record since ever.) Winds reached 100 kilometres per hour — with gusts of up to 125kph.” (ABC News). (A cyclone apparently needs to form over the sea. This one just happened, causing widespread flooding.)

A postscript, 01 Feb Floodlist reported: “After causing severe flooding in New Caledonia (43 cm of rain dumped in 24 hrs), the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Fehi brought severe weather including thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds to parts of the South Island of New Zealand from 31 Jan, 2018. Thousands of homes left without power, local states of emergency declared in Buller and Dunedin…” Add this to the busy earthquake swarm yesterday all along the east coasts of the two islands. Is NZ really the safest place for climate-refugee billionaires to buy their boltholes, we wonder?

As the Understanding Climate Change website writes: There is no more normal.

Also GW (that’s right, it also stands for Global Warming!) might write about Donald Trump’s amazing assertions, completely unfounded and unchallenged – on dimwitted bumsucker Piers Morgan’s low-rated, failing ITV breakfast show – that the world (that experienced its hottest year on record in 2017 on El Niño-adjusted figures), has been cooling for decades and polar sea ice is at a record extent (it is. Record low…).

Those are what are called LIES, Donald. I know, you can’t tell the difference. You need psychiatric nursing, but you’re too fucked-up to know it.

Another lie he told, was that the phrase Global Warming had to be substituted by the more obscure Climate Change because of all the cooling going on. For a clearer exposition of what those terms mean and when they came into use, see today’s Weather Underground article from senior meteorologist Bob Henson:


Interestingly, Wunderground’s local weather report ‘where you are’ appears to have moved me back to Grangemouth, an old northern coaling port on the freezing North Sea coast. I don’t like it here, guys, it’s too cold! And I don’t speak Viking… Please, put me back in palmy West Wales.**

So, I’ll try to keep up maybe later in the week, adding a bit at a time. Anyway, my viewing figures have fallen off a cliff this month, nobody at all viewed yesterday and WordPress have had to recalibrate the graph to show sub-10 values, so it probably doesn’t matter.

What the hell does ‘hangry’ mean, btw? They’ve just put it in the dictionary, I read.


I Got Algorithm #2

**OMG. They’re reading this, muh bogl, the little Wunders! They’ve put me back overnight in Boglington-on-Sea! How do they do that?


EU must be kidding


Anyone who still thinks leaving the EU is a great idea and that they’re really intelligent people to think so should look at the bar graph halfway down this BBC story about our wonderful new trading partner, China, and consider what that faux-posh jackass, Mogg thinks it would be funny to throw away.x


“We shall not forgive this pusillanimous bunch of despicable, self-centred Tory cunts. Even Thatcher would be revolted by them.”

Rumble out of the Jungle

“Britain currently leads the EU in resettling refugees” – Lying HM Government spokesmouth on being questioned by the BBC, following a petition to Downing Street by WW2 Kindertransport survivors concerned about our appalling record on Syrian children in particular.

It’s difficult to find figures from later than June last year, old ones even then, since when I imagine we have been too exercised about Brexit to have kept an account of anything or anyone else, but the following is a pretty good indication of how seriously we in Britain take our humanitarian responsibilities:

“In 2016 there were 39,000 (total) applications for asylum in the UK, among the estimated 600,000 immigrants who came to work or study. 21,000 of the 39,000 applicants for asylum were turned down by the Home Office. Of the 4.9 million Syrian refugees there are around 1.9 million in Turkey, 1.2 million in Lebanon, 650,000 in Jordan, 250,000 in Iraq and 130,000 in Egypt.”

(Red Cross, June 2017)

“According to the latest Immigration Statistics, 5,453 Syrians were resettled to the UK under the VPRP (Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme) in the year ending March 2017. Separate to those granted humanitarian protection under the VPRP, there were 1,507 grants of asylum (or an alternative form of protection) to Syrian applicants at initial decision in the year ending March 2017.”

(www.parliament.uk, June 2017. That’s as against a Cameron target of 20 thousand by 2020 – he assumed the crisis would go on for another four years, presumably.)

158,215: Number of child asylum-seekers in Europe between January and November 2017″  (Eurostat, 10 January 2018)

In February 2017, following what looked suspiciously like an orchestrated media furore over ‘too old’ children among the first to step off the boat, the Home Office tried to cap the number of vulnerable children admitted to the UK provided they had relatives settled here at just 350, but later were forced to add a further 150 to account for local authority offers of homes. That is against a Cameron-government target of 3000 children by 2020. Out of 158 thousand.

Meanwhile an uncounted number of Syrian refugees have frozen to death in the harsh winter conditions of southern Lebanon.

It is a shameful disgrace, for which ghastly May, the dreary suburban vicar’s daughter, and her xenophobic wrecking-crew of Daily-Mail-hostage Little Englanders should be slung out on their ears, preferably exiled to the ruins of Mosul or Aleppo. Let’s remember, shall we, the 27 thousand Hungarians we managed to take in in 1956, despite having no culture in common, and the similar number of Ugandan Asian families in 1972.

We shall not forgive or forget this wretched bunch of despicable, pusillanimous, self-hating Tory cunts. Even Margaret Thatcher would have found them quite revoltingly incompetent, pathetic.

(I would have posted this information on the BBC News website as they don’t appear to have Google, but Comments were disinvited, no doubt in anticipation of a spray of liquid diarrhoeia from the piss-stained, pay-nothing-now sofa brigade.)


A wealth of music

The “world’s richest man”, Jeff Bezos of Amazon owes me a drink.

It’s uncanny, but every time I go off on a buying spree, his share price surges. I’ve had four of the six new CDs delivered, that I bought while mildly drunk the other night after selling my saxophone, and already his share price has surged 4% on the news, bringing his personal net worth to $119 billion. He apparently got $20 billion richer just in the last year, making him possibly the world’s highest paid store manager*. And my stats are showing, I made more than 50 purchases last year. No coincidence.

Well done me. (You owe me a drink, Jeff! Now stop the inertia-selling of Prime. Which part of I don’t want it do you not understand?)

Of course, we don’t really know who is the world’s richest man. President Putin owns Russia, so maybe he is, and I’ve had very little influence on his success, it must be admitted. Not being a fan of Balalaika music.

Then again, looking at my CD collection, you might want to consider the possibility that I might be.

I own lots and lots of wonderful notes!


United we stand

On the subject of workers’ wages, various local dignitaries including the MP have written to the board of Manchester United football club to point out that while their latest signing, Sanchez, is being paid £600 thousand a week, many of the people who clean and tidy the ground and the toilet and stuff, and look after the public, aren’t even getting the minimum wage (£7.25/hr).

It is just so typical of the BBC and their dimwitted addiction to “balance” in the news, that we then read that the club spokesmouth has simply retorted that they pay everyone better than minimum wage, in fact all the support staff are on the higher, “living wage” of £8-something – about what Sanchez ratchets up every second, even when he’s asleep.

So which is true? It cannot be both. The BBC dare not say. Either they cannot be arsed to find out, or they fear the Curse of Fergie will fall on them again and Mourinho will refuse to speak to them for months on end if they show lack of respect for these overpriced ninnies, not one of whom has any connection with Manchester.

It must be about 50 years since Peter Jay and John Birt came up with the phrase: “A bias against understanding”, to describe BBC News policy. Nothing changes.


xPassed partout…

“A flight was forced to turn back to Oslo Airport because the on-board toilet facilities were out of order – despite the presence of 60 qualified plumbers on board.

“The sanitation technicians were travelling as part of a work trip, according to the report.” – ‘The Local’ (Norwegian newslog)

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