The boilerman cometh

I am still in a state of mild shock.

You may recall from Posts past, the boring domestic saga of the British Gas man who arrived two hours late to carry out a boiler service promised for “between 12 and 2 p.m.”

The point of my plaint was not that he was so unapologetically late, but that British Gas had been so persistently insistent he would not be, that they had bombarded me unceasingly day and night by text and tweet for a fortnight with messages reminding me to be in to greet him.

The last twist in this compelling fable was the letter enclosing an information leaflet on what to do in the event of dissatisfaction with the outcome of their top-level inquest into this epochal failure. No such leaflet was present in the envelope.

It was beginning to resemble one of those Monty Python sketches, where everyone in the company commits ritual suicide over a completely trivial complaint. Especially so, as today I received another grovelling apology and a cheque for £30.

If this is what happens when you haven’t actually complained, it might be worth complaining.

On the other hand, it makes you wonder if this huge effort to keep one “valued” customer happy might just be hiding a hint that it isn’t really worth paying £17 a month to have one’s boiler serviced for half an hour once a year?

Hey, Mr Cynical, it’s Christmas!