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Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

© Sterling Pound 2016

(PS – this intended to be set to music. Just checking.)


Once in a blue moon

I’ll think of you

And just for a moment,

I’ll sigh.


We’ll meet up for tea;

The politeness that leads

To goodbye.


Once in a long while

I’ll feel strong –

And, very briefly,

Move on.


I’ll recall that I’ve seen

How in different ways

I’ll get by.


We measure our years

In sunlight and tears

In moments both magic and sad.

At the end of the parade

The memories all fade

How soon we ignore what we had.


Then for an instant

I’ll smile –

As, in a second,

I’ll know.


I imagine you’ll be

Acutely aware

Of me too, in that blue moon

In the sky.