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Contact is made

All begins with eyes –

A quick softening of tissues around the mouth.

It progresses to light social pressure here and there

In the safe zones; a hint of firmness, of purpose:

The elbow, the upper arm – the small of the back,

As when taking your partner for the waltz.

In friendly reunion, a hug; (mwa!) a clash of faces

That each time lingers, leaving a powder-trail, a print;

Slips knowingly too near the (were they?) semi-parted lips.

And finally, two hands:

Accosted at first with feigned innocence,

Whoops, careful there! The step… the uneven ground.

Then, with ardent projection of the mysterious force

That might pass between two lovers, bind them ̶

Once no longer hastily retracted, a chimp-grin ̶